Adolescent Social Isolation Reprograms the Medial Amygdala: Transcriptome and Sex Differences in Reward

Summary of sexually-dimorphic and transcriptional effects of adolescent social isolation (SI) on adult behavior and medial amygdala (meA) transcription. A: Timeline for behavioral and molecular experiments. B: Behavioral testing done between P70 and P90 to test for anxiety-like and reward-associated behaviors. C: Adolescent SI disrupts sex-specific behaviors including marble burying and cocaine CPP D: RNA-sequencing of the meAMY was conducted after acute or chronic cocaine exposure to determine how SI disrupts sex-specific transcriptional response to cocaine. E: SI results in transcriptional signatures that reflect the long-term behavioral effects. For example, the sex-specific transcriptional effects of cocaine are disrupted by the first dose of cocaine.

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